Humana medicare advantage plans are nothing but some alternate method of availing all the benefits under the Original Medicare. It is also known as Medicare Part C. Different types of advantage plans are there depending on the benefits and other terms related to it. Nevertheless, different state is known to have different advantage plan. Hence, you are only allowed to have a specific advantage plan that comes under the state you live in.

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As per the federal law of the USA, the advantage plan should include all those advantages that are generally included in the original Medicare plan, only with the exception of hospice care. You are not supposed to lose out on any benefits if you go with advantage plan.

  • Prescription Drugs: In most of the cases, the advantage plan is there to include Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. But you are really required to read the documents of the insurance plan in order to properly understand the medications that are to be covered. On the other hand, in few cases some of these plans may even include benefits for specific over the counter medications as well as treatments.


  • Vision Care: The original medicare is not supposed to cover the routine eye exams or even the prescription eye glasses except in some particular cases. But the advantage care basically comes with the vision care coverage, contact lenses and prescription eyewear. However, the benefits are slightly supposed to different from state to state.


  • Dental care: More often than not the advantage plans are there to cover dental care in the best way possible. Some dental plans that are covered under this plan are routine dental exams, teeth cleaning etc. On the other hand, in some cases you are even supposed to avail the benefits for the restorative dentistry like root canals, bridgework etc.


  • Wellness: The advantage plan is also highly likely to include various other health and wellness coverage such as weight management program, yoga classes, gym membership etc. However, again the benefits are to vary depending on the state you live.

You are supposed to remember that you should explore every pro and con of the medicare advantage plan before you go for it. Without having any prior information if you go for it then it will be difficult for you for the obvious reasons. The more you research, the better it will be for you.