A lot of people do not know that what difference is between the coverage of Original Medicare and the Medicare Supplement Plans 2016. So in this article let us discuss the coverage which is offered by most of the Medicare Supplement plans. Remember that although different schemes might have similar perks but the coverage offered by one scheme differs from another.

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  • All the Medicare Supplement plans are bound to provide coverage for those medical and hospital services which are covered by the Original Medicare. However, the Medicare Supplement plans do not provide coverage for hospice care because your Original Medicare provides coverage for it even if you are enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan.
  • Motivational thing is that all the Medicare Supplement plans provide emergency and urgent care coverage.
  • The majority of health insurance Supplement plans provides Prescription Drug coverage as well.
  • If you do just right amount of research, then you may find some plans which provide coverage for supplemental benefits such as vision, hearing, and dental.


Following requirements are must if you want to enroll in a health insurance Supplement plan:

  • You are already an enrollee of Original health insurance (Part A and Part B).
  • Plan in which you wish to enroll should provide its services in your area.
  • People who suffer from permanent kidney failure and require dialysis after regular intervals (End-Stage Renal Disease) are not eligible for health insurance benefit plans. However, exceptions can be made by plan provider if you have ESRD. Therefore, you can call provider to confirm such things.

Costs pertaining to health insurance Supplement plan

The cost is that aspect of a health insurance benefit plan which can vary on basis of location and scheme. You should look for following questions:

  • Is plan charging a monthly premium along with Part B premium?
  • Amount of each health insurance facility and doctor visit (coinsurance) both inside and outside of provider’s network.
  • Does plan contain any yearly deductible?
  • Also, search for maximum out-of-pocket limit for plan that you wish to purchase because limit varies from one scheme to another.
  • Is there any restriction on network usage? For example, is only provider’s network allowed or one can use outside network as well?
  • If someone only visits a certain doctor or hospital then do confirm that they are health insurance-approved and do they also fall in provider’s network?