Medicare advantage plan also referred to as Medicare Part C plan, is a health insurance plan that started in the year 1995. The United States federal government provided more options for its citizens to have better access to health care services based on some conditions. Medicare Advantage plan is one of the plans available under Medicare plan that started in the year 1966 with Former United States President: Harry Truman and his wife, then First lady, being the first recipients.

Medicare Advantage plan has been found to offer more benefits compared to other health plans. Visit to find out more about your options.  One of conditions to be eligible for this plan is that you have to be registered under either Medicare Part A (Medical insurance) or Medicare Part B (Hospital insurance). Other conditions are:

  • Attaining the age of 65 and have worked and paid into system.
  • Being young and with one disability or other.
  • Having an End-Stage renal disease or kidney failure.

What are options available?

Medicare advantage plan offers these options below:

  • Health maintenance organization (HMO); where there is a restriction from getting services outside a specific network of local providers, with an exception for emergency and urgent situations.
  • Preferred provider organization (PPO); is similar to HMO, but you can see health providers outside the network at your own cost.
  • Private fee-for-service plans (PFF); there is only need to pay the co-insurance it allows you, at the point of service.
  • Special Needs Plans (SNP); for people with special needs. This may include coordination of care, medical appointments transportation fees, money for everyday health items, and coverage for dental health and vision.

When Can I enroll?

Specific times of the year exist when you can enroll, opt out or switch to a different plan.

  • Enrollment is possible during the 7-month period beginning the three month before you clock 65, and ends three months after. If you joined Medicare due to a disability, you can enroll between three months before and three months after it is effective. If your Medicare is retroactive, you can enroll between a month before you are notified and three months after.
  • Between October 15 and December 7; enrollment, disenrollment or switching to another plan is allowed. Your new coverage begins January 1 of the following year.
  • Between January 1 and February 14, there can be disenrollment.
  • After February 14, there can be no disenrollment until October 15.
  • There are also special periods when enrollment is allowed. This is usually due to a change of residence. These periods can vary according to different states.