The attempts and eternal self-sacrificing efforts to solve the Kurdish problem with democratic and peaceful methods which had been unilaterally carried on for seven years by our leader have had no response. Turkish State‘s denial-destruction policies and approaches that pretend not to see the problem had continued. The methods of state to solve the Kurdish problem had been insistence of surrender and dishonor life. The serious isolation and destruction policies had been carry out on our leader. And our leader had been completely break his people off. The policies of assimilation, depriving of all kind of human rights, massacre, the mentality of “the best Kurd is the dead Kurd“ which had been carried out throughout the history of the republic are still continuing.

The statements that had been done by AKP and Erdogan about the problem are not for solving in essence. They are simple political approaches and tactics which detain and draw our people to a situation without struggle by spreading over the time. These statements are activities of creating the traitor and comprador Kurds by destructing of all desires for freedom on the name of Kurds. We do not perceive that the statements which had been done by the government and Erdogan are approaches to solve the problem and we do not take them seriously.

The segments who take these type statements into consideration and are hopeful will see that they have been mistaken. We, as TAK merely take recognition of our leader as a interlocutor and his freedom, also policies of lifting the denial-destruction methods on our people into consideration. We are not satisfied the struggle of Kongra-Gel (The Kurdish People‘s Congress) and HPG (People‘s Defense Forces) which had been carried out by taking political balances into consideration and we are criticizing them. We are calling on HPG to become more active in their struggle.

TAK is an organization that was given birth by the conditions which is deemed Kurdish People and their leader worthy of.

We had fought against the enemy in PKK a period. But all public opinion has been seeing that the current approaches of Turkish State are not conciliatory methods. Turkish State tries to solve the problem with destruction and denial methods of Kongra-Gel and HPG which take political balances into consideration are weakness, therefore, 1.5 year ago we were separated from the organization and established TAK organization. We could not respond with passive struggle methods, while the state‘s terrorist applications continue. We will be in more radical position against all these attacks. The actions that we have done until now were warnings. But the conclusions that have to be reached had not been reached yet. After now, our attacks will continue and become more violently. We, as an organization are not connected with or dependent on any one or anywhere. Each militants of our force is ready to sacrifice his/her life for this struggle. We have the will and force to do all kind of action. Our military training and technical opportunities are adequacy for all kind of actions. The military bureaucracy, economy and tourism are our top priority targets, while terror of state is not stopped. Also the segments who have role in conspiracy that have been happened against our leader and who become happy with our leader‘s captivity, who are known that instructed the murder of 13 thousand people and carried out and civilian fascist bureaucracy are the targets that we will attack them. The traitors and compradors, the owner of wild practice who shorted 13 bullets to a 12 years old body and who turned Şemdinli and other places to hell are the other targets that we will attack them.

In everywhere of Turkey, the bombs will explode, the assassinations and sabotage actions will happen happen. We will not recognize any rule. Everything and everywhere are targets for us. We concentrate on the target, attack the target with revengeful spirit and we destroy it.

       We are calling about tourism:

It is one of the most important source which feet the dirty and special war, so it is one of the first targets that we will attack. We warn the foreign and native tourist to not go to the touristic areas in Turkey. We are not responsible for who will die in the actions that will happen in those areas. Turkey is not secure country and never will be. Because we are a people which have a risk of destruction and we are in a war.

  Our call for youths:

You can do all kind of big or small actions of burning and destruction. You must do Turkey worse than France. We are giving initiative to you. You are free. We call brave and heroic Kurdish youths for the more. Struggle together.

Our number had been increased three times than last. Our people have hugged us. Since last year, a lot of person had joined our organization from HPG and different segment. We will aim to increase our force. In last year, we intensively did different types of actions. Only a part of them were reflected on press, majority of them consciously, were not reflected. They were reflected as short-circuit of electricity or as compression of gas. By this way the public opinion had been wanted to mislead.

TAK is our people‘s defense and attack force. Our people is not ownerless. After no, we will give violent answers to the attacks against our people we will make sacrifices which can, to defense our heroic and honorable people.





   TeyrêBazên Azadîya Kurdistan (TAK)



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